[PIXIV] 姬襄 (7772766)

[PIXIV] 姬襄 (7772766)

While we ate the guys took turns fucking us in any hole then feeding us their cum covered cocks, then slipping them back in to fuck us some more, I took a couple of loads while Rose had one fill her ass with hot cum, then they lifted me off her and sat me on two new cocks. We exchanged numbers and told them we would love to meet up again for more fun and maybe a private orgy with biguys playing too, Sue said she had always wanted to see bi guys fuck, or suck cock, Gary was less interested in the bi side but wanted to meet us again, so said he was ok, as long as he didn't have to try bi, Sue laughed saying she had done things for him tonight, so it might be his turn next time.

Hentai: [PIXIV] 姬襄 (7772766)

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