Assfingering [Pixiv] 馬克杯(Magukappu) (75567) Realamateur

Assfingering [Pixiv] 馬克杯(Magukappu) (75567) Realamateur

“Well, Carolyn,” he began, “I see from your chart that you're thinking about having breast reduction surgery, not a common request I must admit, we usually have patients who want to go the other way!!!” Carolyn nodded and then poured out her heart, “Doctor, I know it sounds crazy, but I almost feel like freak, the women smirk at me, and the men, well you know what they think, that all I am is a pair of big boobs with not a brain in my head!!!” The doctor listened for the next ten minutes as Carolyn described her life as the owner of a pair of 38F breasts on a one hundred twenty five pound body before asking softly, “What does your boyfriend think about all this?” After a moments hesitation she replied slowly, “I-I don't have a boyfriend, I'm too ashamed to even think about letting a man see or touch me when I know he doesn't care about me a whit, and besides, I think they're so unattractive no man would want me anyway!!!

After Carolyn had completely finished venting, Dr. Carolyn Engel sat in the outer office of Dr.

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